Netflix IndianapolisHBO IndianapolisYou can enjoy bingewatching your favorite show or stream a movie from the comfort of our Massage Chairs, Hot Tub or Sauna. Why not bring your girlfriends with you and watch the latest episode of the The Bachelor or better yet have us record it and you can watch it anytime you want!

If Netflix is your vice, than we will make it happen on multiple screens for your viewing pleasure. Have you heard? "Winter is Coming!" Get ready for a new season of Game of Thrones on HBO here at Self Service Spa of Fishers

We can start a movie while you get 60 minute massages in the amazing zero gravity massage chairs and then transfer the movie to the TV above the private hot tub or the TV in the Infrared Sauna.

DirecTvHuloAll of our TV's are DIRECTV with Google Casting included. This means we can record just about any show for you to watch at your preferred time or schedule accordingly to watch it Live. It also mean we can cast movies from many sources including Google Play where we can happily pay for the movie as part of your normal fees. Yes, we will let you rent movies at no cost to you, simply pay the normal everyday rates.