chairfrontfaceinglady-815Let us begin with what a massage chair is not. It is not what you have seen or used at the mall or a pedicure place. Price wise, we could have 5 of those chairs for the cost of one of these.

This is a complete full body massage experience. Combining air bags and 2 "roller thumbs" along with heat plus reclined positioning ensures the task of kneading your muscles is accomplished.

Here is a link to the most popular massage chair on the market, the DreamWave Massage Chair. Notice the $8,000 price and amazing reviews. But also notice the limited stroke for its main massage mechanism: 28 inches. Basically that is neck to low back.

Neck to low back is good. But neck to hamstrings including your glutes is even better! And that my friends is what makes our chair so special. Our chair features a 50inch stroke that actually gives you the full body work that you deserve.