Floatation Therapy IndianapolisThere are many ways to experience floatation therapy in indianapolis. The most common, easiest to provide and affordable way to do it is within a float tank, float chamber, float pod or isolation chamber. And then there is the way we do it at Self Service Spa: inside a custom built float room whereby the entire room is part of the experience. This is the ideal solution for most people, especially ones concerned with claustrophobic issues.

As you can see in our photos, the powerful filtration system that also heats the solution is built into an 8ft by 5ft OPEN-tub allowing over 8ft of space above you as you float. This openness is a challenge for the business because it requires much more area to heat to a high enough temperature to keep the client comfortable as they float.

One of the essential aspects of floatation therapy is to remove as many instigators as possible (ideally all) from your senses. Heat above or below body temperature causes the body to react, not relax. We must ensure air and solution is as close to body temperature as possible. And do so without sound or blowing air.

Self Service Spa has developed a system that heats the room to 90 degrees without sound or blowing air. We heat our solution to 96 degrees. We can do this because of our precisely controlled room temperature allows us to make the air warm enough for you to not feel cold above the solution you are floating in. If you have floated before, it's safe to say you have felt an uncomfortable coolness upon the unsubmerged parts of your body. Our clients do not have this issue. They feel just as comfortable above the solution as they do in the solution.

In a perfect lab scenario, we would have our air and solution be the exact same temperature. And if we lowered our solution to the typical 94 industry standard, we would certainly be much closer to doing so. But we have found 90 degrees in temperature with the added humidity from the shower which takes place before you enter the solution increases the "feels like" temperature. This helps balance out the feeling of comfort to perfection.

Couples Float IndianpolisOne of the reasons our competitors choose 94 degrees for their solution is because they cannot precisely control the heat and humidity of their environment. Using cooler water means the cooler air doesnt feel quite as contrasting. Unfortunately, because you are closed into a pod or tank, and because they cannot add blowing air to heat you, it's a challenge for them to ensure you are comfortable. Each time you open the pod or tank door, the self generated heat and humidity from the solution escapes; only slowly to be restored as you float in the enclosure.

The reason they will give for using 94 degrees water temp is because industry experts told them to based on their belief that the average body skin temperature is around 94 degrees. Self Service Spa couldn't validate that finding and based on client feedback we chose 96 degrees to add more comfort to your floating experience.