Floatation tanks, float rooms, sensory deprivation tanks etc each provide a similar experience of weightless, impact free relaxation in a solution that is great for muscles and the rest of your body and mind. But there are some ways to prepare to improve the experience.


By this point, you realize you will be floating in Epsom Salt. And as such it may have crossed your mind that any small cuts or abrasions will absolutely react to the salt. What you might have not considered is that recently shaved areas also can react. This is why it is often recommended to not shave within 24 hours of floating.

The good news is that Vasoline or any petroleum Jelly can mask small cuts and wounds avoiding a burning sensation when floating.


"Boring"? Well, that is kinda the point isn't it? Remove all distractions and interruptions leaving you with "nothingness". Sounds awesome, right? But don't be surprised in your first float that it takes you as much as 2/3 of your time just trying to "let go" so you can be comfortable. It is very likely you will feel compelled to end it early so you can, well...do anything other than nothing. Considering this before floating will hopefully allow you to have a mental game plan to override that instinct to "run" from nothingness and stay relaxed until your mind can embrace it.


If you are too unsure of the experience to try it alone, feel free to do a tandem float with a friend or partner. Our float room tub is large enough for two people to float together at the same time in the same tub. We also have amazing massage chairs that one can use for 60 minutes while the other floats if you just like the idea of riding together but keeping the floating private and separate.

NOTE: If you do float with someone, it is a very different experience. The deep rem sleep type of relaxation isnt likely to happen with someone with you. However, its a great way to introduce yourself to the concept while also enjoying a new activity with someone close to you.

What to Expect When I Arrive to Float

  • You will be greeted and this info from this page will be communicated by the host
  • When entering the room you are shown how to control the lighting of room and tub during your float
  • You will feel the room is very warm at 90 degree. This will be ideal once you are wet from floating.
  • You begin with a quick, pre-float shower
  • Step directly from shower into the Float Tub
  • Lie back and let go. You will float...without trying or effort.
  • With 5 minutes remaining the room lighting will brighten alerting you to the conclusion of your float
  • Step directly into the shower from the tub to wash away the Epsom salt from your body and hair. Shampoo/Conditioner/Bodywash provided.
  • Step out of the 90 plus degree room into a refreshing 71 degrees of the spa feeling amazing.
  • Optional use of our huge hollywood style vanity mirror to dry your hair and primp before you leave.