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Floating. Floatation Therapy. Float Tank Experience. Sensory Deprivation. Restricted Environment Stimulation Technique "REST". Isolation tank.

These are just some of the names and terminology for a floating experience similar to what we now offere here at Self Service Spa. While each company may vary its delivery of the service, there are some common elements across the industry.

The intention of the floating experience  is to remove distractions from your surrounding allowing you to reach a very relaxed mental state. We often think of just the external factors, ie. light, sound etc. But the body is also being distracted by things like temperature and physical exertion which then keeps the brain firing responses to address the issues.

The process of feeling weightless isnt just for fun. It is to reduce the need for your body to have to ... anything. Thus reducing the chance for the mind to be distracted.

  • Removing light
  • Removing sound
  • Adjusting warmth and humidity to equal the temperature of the Epsom Salt Magnesium solution
  • Keeping the Epsom Salt Magnesium solution at body temperature

All of these steps are efforts taken with the specific intent to free your mind from distractions so that you may gain the benefits of a true relaxed state. Your muscles will thank you. Your newfound improved memory and creative processes will thank you. 

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