IMG5230-960We offer exclusive private access to our top of the line hot tub featuring more powerful massaging jets at just the right temperature. 

This is a fantastic, private experience for you and your loved one. You can even watch a movie or your favorite streaming show while you relax to the massaging jets on your back, legs and feet.

Because we drain the tub after each days of use, we can avoid the skin drying and distinct smell of chlorine. We do use hydrogen peroxide which is great for the body and adds an additional layer of sanitation plus the powerful filtration system does a thorough consistent cleaning.

Draining daily isnt fun, but it is required to comply with state statutes. But with our high-quality pump we can have it drained in 8 minutes. We also have a tankless water heating system allowing us to fill the tub with already hot water for a quick turnaround.

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